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Argon & Co ANZ launch renewed sustainability service offering

Jun 19, 2024

With more than 500 consultants spread over 16 offices globally, Argon & Co, leader in strategy and transformation of operations, is very pleased to announce the launch of ESG and Sustainability as a service offering in ANZ.

At Argon & Co, conducting business in a socially responsible way is engrained in our DNA. We believe this is a driver for business success, we will strive to make the planet, our environment and our communities a better place than when we began. Argon & Co ANZ is a carbon negative consultancy and currently being certified as a B-Corp organisation, we value giving back to the community, we have taken the 1% pledge and as a team have support charities such as Oz Harvest, The Smith Family, Drought Angels and Red Nose.

Our sustainability service offering expands our existing strategy and transformation expertise. We assess and design ESG strategies, sustainability assessments & benchmarks and ESG due diligence frameworks. We leverage our existing expertise to drive sustainable operational improvements in every aspect of the end-to-end value chain and leverage our understanding of ESG regulations by supporting sustainable culture and providing learning & best practice.

In the face of unprecedented climate change challenges, consumer awareness and regulatory requirements, we know embracing sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity for companies seeking to balance commercial growth with corporate responsibility. Despite this urgency, present-day leaders grapple with crucial questions: how to surmount sustainability obstacles and make impactful decisions? Where to start? How to translate ESG strategy into meaningful action. At Argon & Co we empower companies to achieve lasting success through sustainable practices. We leverage our deep supply chain, operations and transformation expertise to assess, design, and embed effective solutions that drive positive impact and promote a thriving future for our communities, the planet and businesses.

Paul Eastwood, Managing Partner ANZ states, “The launch of sustainability as a core service offering in ANZ will mark a pivotal moment in our commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future for businesses across ANZ. With the pressing challenges of climate change, sustainability is no longer just an option, but an imperative for companies seeking to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. By integrating sustainability as a core element of our expertise, we aim to empower our clients to navigate the complexities of sustainable practices, transform their operations, and forge a lasting positive impact on the environment and society.”

Frans Verheij, Former ANZ Partner recently returned to lead the development of Argon’s sustainability proposition comments, “It is not hard, we need to look after our planet and our communities for future generations, I don’t want to imagine a world where my grandchildren are unable to enjoy the planet and social relationships I have. And if that is not enough; with consumer awareness increasing, resources becoming scarce, regulatory requirements increasing and sustainable business models being most cost effective, it makes good business sense to act now on ESG and sustainability. Together, we have no choice but to create a path towards a more sustainable and socially responsible world.”

The new ANZ Sustainability service offering further strengthens Argon & Co’s global sustainability capability, bolstering our expertise and reach to cater to the evolving needs of clients and the broader market.

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