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High Quality Acetylene C2h2 Gas Filling 40L

High Quality Acetylene C2h2 Gas Filling 40L

Overview Product Description Basic Info. Specification: Acetylene is used as a raw material for the production of electr;
Basic Info.
Model NO. C2h2
Specification 40L
Trademark CMC
Origin China
HS Code 29012920
Production Capacity 2000cylinder/Month
Product Description
Product Description

Basic Info.

Model NO.C2H2Un1001
Hazard Class2.1LabelCommon
Analysis ReportCertificate of ConformityChemical FormulaC2h2
Purity98%Widely UsedElectronically Conducting Plastics
Product NameAcetyleneTransport PackageCylinder/Tank
Specification40L or othersTrademarkCMC
OriginSuzhou, Jiangsu, ChinaHS Code29012920
Production Capacity2000cylinder/Month

Acetylene is used as a raw material for the production of electronically conducting plastics, such as polyacetylene.

Acetylene is used with high purity synthetic air or nitrous oxide as a fuel for the flame in atomic absorption flame spectroscopy. This is used in water, soil, food and biological research laboratories where sensitivity and accuracy of results are important.

Acetylene is most commonly used in combination with oxygen for cutting or welding materials such as mild steel, where the standard industrial grade is sufficient. Acetylene with low phosphine levels is required for lead brazing or welding.

Acetylene is used in organic synthesis (laboratory work) as well as in chemical synthesis.

Acetylene is used as carbon source in the production of molecular manufacturing like fullerenes; well known examples are bucky balls or carbon nanotubes.

Acetylene is used in th cultivation of plant; it improves the forming of new flowers.

Acetylene is used as a component in calibration gases for the gas, oil as well as chemical industry.

Acetylene is still used in some lighthouses as light fuel source.

Acetylene is one of the components in lung testing gases.

GasAcetylene Chemical FormulaC2H2
Hazard Class2.1 Molecular Weight26.038
CAS74-86-2 UN1001
Boiling Pointat 1.013 bar [ºC]-84.15at 14.5 psi, [ºF]-241.17
Densityat 1.013 bar,15ºC, [kg/m³]1.109at 1 atm., 70ºF, [lb/ft³]0.068

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High Quality Acetylene C2h2 Gas Filling 40L

Shanghai Kemike Chemical Co., Ltd is staffed by trained personnel, combine many years experience in Gas industry .We supply cylinder gas, electronic gas, etc ., and the gas holder, panel, valves and fittings and other equipment, parts and engineering services to our customers in China and worldwide; The products are involved in various industrial fields, such as semiconductor chip, solar cell, LED, TFT-LCD, optical fiber, glass, laser, medicine , etc., Our mission is to partner with our global customers to provide support, solutions and quality products that are innovative,reliable, and safe.Our products mainly include: H2, O2, N2, Ar, CO2, propane, acetylene, helium, laser mixed gas, SiH4, Sih2cl2, SiHCL3, SiCL4, NH3, CF4, NF3, SF6, HCL, N2O, doping mixed gas (TMB, PH3, B2H6) and other electronic gases.

High Quality Acetylene C2h2 Gas Filling 40L

High Quality Acetylene C2h2 Gas Filling 40L

Our Advantages
1. Fast delivery;2. Stable raw material source;3. On-line analysis system for quality control in every step;4. High requirement and meticulous process for handling cylinder before filling;Our carbon monoxide have been exported to many countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Maldives and Ecuador.Since the establishment of our company, it has received universal praise by virtue of good reputation, high quality and perfect after service.
1. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company? A: We are a manufacture and trade integration company. Expert R&D department and sophisticated supply chain is our key of success.2. Q: Are bulk orders and multiple product orders available? A: Yes, we have a strong production supply system to make sure all of your requirements satisfied. One station product solution is our aim of service.3. Q: What if I never imported this product before, how do I do it? A: Don't worry. We have import and export experience with over 50 countries over the world, our fulfillment department will guide you every step of the process.4. What is the MOQ?Different products have different min order. It's depends on the kind the gas and the cylinder specifications. Please feel free to contact with me directly for your requirement.5. Q: Why choice us Kemike Gas ? A: Stable Supply, Professional Solution, Reasonable Price, and Safety Business with our Taiyu.6. Q: 3. How does your factory do the quality control? A: We have standard quality control procedure.a> In production, we have quality analysis system to make sure each step is qualified.b> Before filling, we do the pre-treatment for the cylinders to clean well.c> After filling, we will do 100% inspection analyze before delivery.7. Q:Is it possible to ship by air? A:Gases are classified into class 2.1, class 2.2 and class 2.3 which are inflammable gas, non-flammable gas and poisonous gas. According to regulation, inflammable gas and poisonous gas cannot be shipped by air, and only non-flammable gas can be transported by air. If the amount purchased is large, sea transportation is better.8. Q:Can I customize the package? A:Yes of course! The most regular package is cylinder. Its size, color, valve, design and other requirements can all be met. 9. Q: What is the package & storage details? A:Seamless steel cylinder with different valves, or as to your requirement.Stored in shady, cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, and keep away from sunlight and ramming.10. More question......Feel free to contact us, you will get immediately reply
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